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  5. "No one asks the goddesses."

"No one asks the goddesses."

Translation:Nemo deas rogat.

October 13, 2019



I don't know when to use 'deas' vs 'deae'


Deae is for plural nominative. (it's also other cases, but let's skip that for now)

Deas is the plural accusative.

You seem very confused about cases, so do not go further in your Latin learning without studying what is a Latin case, and when to use accusative, and nominative. (accusative and nominative are the strict minimum to know for now, and afterwards: locative.)


Each time you see a word in Latin, and you need to use it in a sentence, find its declension table, and choose the right one according to the grammatical case you need to express, according to the meaning and grammatical role of this word in the sentence.

Do not use directly the hint dictionary provided by Duolingo.

Nominative: subject, or word alone, outside of a sentence.
Accusative: Direct object of the verb. (see the link)


To find declension of words, I suggest dicolatin, it's in French, but it doesn't matter, you only need the table. I suggest this site, as it's very easy to enter any declinated form, not only the nominative, and it finds the declension table. It's a paying site, but you can use it 10 times for free, and after that, it displays a warning page asking to register, but after a few hours, you can use it again for free, so not really a big deal.

I google: "thewordImlookingfor dicolatin", in google, and it finds the delclension page. I don't recomment to use the search box directly on the site.

An example found typing "deas dicolatin" in Google.


Advantage: find any forms, including alternative and old forms. And the most complete declension table I've found so far, giving also declensions of related word, for instance, if it's "telum (neuter)-> tela" and "tela (feminine)", it gives everything.

Disavandtage: Allows only 10 requests in a row.

You can also use Wiktionary, it gives declension tables.


And also The Olivetti Latin dictionary:
I've found rarer words in this dictionary, so, it is very good. Gives declension tables.

There's also Wikidot Latin, but the 2 other ones above are better.

If you other sites, that could adds something more, I'll be happy you hsre them.


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