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"I am not innocent but I am rich."

Translation:jIchunbe' 'ach jImIp.

October 13, 2019



I couldn't use the report button because the only option was saying the sentence in English was incorrect, but the exercise seems to have a mistake. It says jIchunbe' 'a jImIp instead of jIchunbe' 'ach jImIp. I took a screenshot if it's useful, but can't immediately figure out how to attach it here. There's a link to it on the Dropbox cloud below.



'a and 'ach are variations of the same thing. I think our goal was to only have the course use 'ach, but we must also accept 'a for those who know it and it looks like this exercise picked up on that and used it.


Ah, very good. Thank you!

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