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"La prezo de tiu blua jako estas tro alta."

Translation:The price of that blue jacket is too high.

October 13, 2019



la prezoj estas damne tro altaj.


Do you have a language related question? If not what is the purpose of your writing this comment? Given that you are level 25 it is clear that you understand that the purpose of the exercises in this course and the model sentences that are used is to expose you to vocab and grammar – other than in the Esperanto culture section the actual meaning of the sentence is pretty much irrelevant.

“Questions” that are not really questions such as this waste the time of the people who come here on a regular basis simply to help out others. It Is actually quite rude or at the very least quite thoughtless to waste other people’s time and results in them being less inclined to return - they have better things to do – this harms everyone else’s language learning opportunity. Please remember this the next time you have an actual question about the language and nobody bothers to come and answer it for weeks. How would you feel if you came here week after week, month after month just to try to help out and more than half of your time was wasted on quips like this one?

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