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  5. "The light blue hat."

"The light blue hat."

Translation:Το γαλάζιο καπέλο.

October 13, 2019



I keep wanting to put the color after the noun because of Spanish. Is that allowed or no? Would people look at me funny if i made this mistake? I fear I might do that by accident when I finally get to go to Ελλας.

October 13, 2019


No, it's not allowed and you will be looked at funny but not in a mean way, rather in a foreigner-struggling-with-greek-aint-that-cute kind of way ;-)

October 13, 2019


LOL! I kind of figured it was wrong. I will need to catch myself every time i make that mistake. I'll probably giggle at myself if I make that mistake.

October 17, 2019


Would it be wrong to say 'ανοιχτό μπλε' ιnstead of 'γαλάζιο'?

November 18, 2019


    That should be fine. At least for the translation here, because I can imagine people arguing that ανοιχτό μπλε and γαλάζιο are not actually the same thing. :)

    November 18, 2019
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