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"He comes home in the afternoon."

Translation:वह दोपहर में घर आता है।

October 13, 2019



Why is vah dopher ghar mein atta hai incorrect?!


दोपहर needs a postposition (either को or में). 'दोपहर में' = 'in the afternoon'. The postposition can be dropped for certain times of the day (like सुबह) but not for others (like दोपहर). It's just a quirk of the language.

वह दोपहर में घर में आता है is a grammatically correct sentence but you're emphasising that he is coming into the house by using घर में.


Is दोपहर को correct? It was marked wrong in the sentence. What's difference using दोपहर को or दोपहर में?


Yes. दोपहर को is correct. You can report if you see it again.

I don't think there is any difference in meaning between दोपहर को and दोपहर में. It's sort of like how we can use both 'at night' and 'in the night' in English


It's still marked wrong and I reported it


Shouldn't it be दोपहर को ?

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