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Passive, Future, Perfect,...

I've seen 17 of 22 exercises of the latin course and have not yet seen anything but presence indicative active (except the conjunctive of volo)

Are there really no other tenses, no gerund, no passive,... in the course?

Are those topics not yet included or will they never come?

October 13, 2019



If you check out the previous questions in the Latin forum, and the information posted by the Mods and course compilers, you'll see that this is a Beta release of the Latin course and much more should come later.

It's worth finding those previous posts.


PS: there's also a glimpse into the formation of passive in form of the deponent verb loquor.


And a hint of passive perfect in the form of natus est. ;)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


Patience. The course will eventually be expanded and will probably include more tenses then.

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