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  5. "Noli noctu appropinquare!"

"Noli noctu appropinquare!"

Translation:Don't approach at night!

October 13, 2019



Such a dramatic recording.


Approach who at night?


Who knows? But as it's dark, it's best not to take any risks; you don't know what's out there.


We have the rather odd word propinquitous - the noun form of which is propinquity - in English (19th Century invention) meaning nearby, close at hand. I could not find approquinquitous or adproquinquitous, but the idea of them is amusing. One could speak of The "adpropinquitous mother-in-law" who drops in unexpectedly for Christmas, or the adproquinquitous boss who approaches silently and looms over your shoulder while you're browsing the internet for your next holiday....


Sounds like my wife wrote this lesson.

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