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Need More Stories!

Would love to see more stories. These are a great fun way to learn new words but also pick up on correct pronunciation. The stories voices are amazingly performed with all the emotion that facilitates the picking up and learning of new words. Great tool.

If anyone has a link to another website which contains similar 'German Stories', would be great to hear about it.

October 13, 2019



https://www.thefablecottage.com/german has some nicely done fairytales (with audio, German transcription and a paragraph-by-paragraph translation if you click on it).


Very cool, good lead!! - Vielen Dank! (2 lingots!)


http://www.amira-pisakids.de/#page=home This site has 3 levels of children's books available in German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, English, Polish, Farsi and Spanish.


These are awesome! Thank you (2 lingots!)


Here's another link for very short stories. This one, however, has quizzes to test comprehension level. Enjoy! https://german.net/reading/familie/


I agree the listening comprehension is much better using the stories. Hope they have more to come.

I would also look at https://www.dw.com/en/learn-german/s-2469 specially Nico's Weg but also large number of resources here.


Done Nico's Weg already too! -- Really good story.
I also finished 'JoJo Sucht Das Gluch' - It's kind of like a female version of Nico's Weg, except she's from Brazil instead of like Nico who is from Seville .



I have only done "Harry – gefangen in der Zeit" so far. The repetition and pace of the introduction of new words throughout the story was really helpful. I love that you can download the audio and transcript.


You completed all sets!

Check back soon for the next set. ???


Yup,..exactly why I'm asking. The stories are so good, I really enjoyed them.


I agree - the stories are very helpful.

It would be really nice if we could ask questions and discuss them like we do the vocab lessons. (Hint hint Duolingo!)


oh ya its great down


Ja wirklich, She sind seht nett. Ich will auch.


I want more stories too, and not just in the little number of languages they are currently available in...


Why don't you just buy audio book and read along with it? About 100x more useful than the stories.


Mr. Potato Head, I agree with you completely; I only have 5 stories left and they keep me going; they're fun! Hope to see more German stories soon.

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