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  5. "I am wiping the window"

"I am wiping the window"

Translation:Ninafuta dirisha

October 13, 2019



How do you distinguish between singular and plural objects in this case? Does the m/wa prefix rule for singular and plural apply to nouns like "window"?


different nouns have different noun classes. 'Dirisha' is in the 'Ji/Ma' noun class, so its plural is 'Madirisha'. Check out the posts on noun classes under the Swahili Masterpost


As additional information: There are some nouns though, where singular and plural are the same form, in the N class, for instance. In these cases, you will know which is which only from context. Which is totally fine, too. Chinese for instance, does not distinguish singular and plural at all - here you always need the context. And the language still works. :o)

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