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  5. "Wo ist das Mädchen?"

"Wo ist das Mädchen?"

Translation:Where is the girl?

October 13, 2019



Why is it das Mädchen ? Shouldn't it be die Mädchen


Nouns ending with "chen" are neuter. Grammatical gender isn't always related to biological gender.


Diminutives ending in –chen are neuter. But it's der Rachen, der Drachen etc.


If it helps you at all, 'das Bübchen' means boy. I find it can help new students if they learn like words of the opposite if it can help them memorize certain grammar aspects.

der Bursche - Boy

das Bübchen - (little) Boy

die Gitsche - Girl

das Mädchen - (little) Girl

Bub for boy and Tussi for girl are also said here and there. Jungs for guys/lads, Mädels for gals.

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