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"Yesterday, I bought a green skirt."

Translation:Χθες αγόρασα μία πράσινη φούστα.

October 13, 2019



Is it customary to use indefinite articles when there are adjectives, but not whenever there is only the noun?

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No, the presence of an adjective is neither here nor there. The indefinite in Greek is closer to an English "one" than the English "a". In a sentence like this, I think it'd be better to include the indefinite, because you could have bought two skirts - the μία specifies that you bought only one skirt, not two or three. But, if you just wanted to make a statement about how you want to buy a green skirt, in general, you could drop it - θέλω να αγοράσω πράσινη φούστα.

The difference is a bit clearer in a sentence like "I am an author". In Greek, if you said "είμαι συγγραφέας", that's a pretty close translation of the English. But if you said "είμαι ένας συγγραφέας", in English, that's a bit more like saying "I am one author", the implication being that there are other authors too, "I am one author (amongst many)".

TL;DR: My understanding is that the adjective doesn't affect indefinite article use.


Yes, once again spdl79's comment is spot on. It's better not to omit the indefinite article when quantity matters.

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