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Latin Gramar

I hope there will be a good gramar explanation to the final verson! It would be very good.

October 13, 2019



This YouTube channel does amazing Latin grammar explanations: https://www.youtube.com/user/latintutorial


That looks like a great channel for learning Latin. Thanks!


Thank you! It seems a great help for me!

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I assume you have seen the Latin "Tips" for each lesson through the "Emotions" lesson? There is some grammar in those "Tip" lessons!

For "Tips," click on the light bulb symbol when doing DL on a web browser, either a cell or laptop-desktop. The "Tips" don't appear yet on my Android cell app for Latin, only the browser use on any platform.

Typically I have seen new language roll-outs include more info and more functionality as time goes on. So your hope is a good one to be fulfilled. : )


I hope! :-) Thank you for your help!


The grammar explanations are wonderful, and there are on the sentence forum.

Really, (almost) nothing that I've wondered, asked or though, that has not been answered.

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