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  5. "The boy boils the sausage."

"The boy boils the sausage."

Translation:Paila ke keiki kāne i ka naʻaukake.

October 13, 2019



I should have learned not to do this by now, but you'd think Duolingo would realize that "Paila ke keiki k" means I bumped the Enter key while reaching for the mouse and give me a chance to finish.


Do natives really throw in the "ka" when thereʻs a perfectly good "nā" comming next? It seems unnatural to say "ka nāʻaukake." Is it just me?


If you're just joking, pardon me. But there is no "nā" here if you're thinking of the plural article. No kaha kou on the first syllable of naʻaukake.


nāʻaukake= sausage.

The ʻnāʻ you are referring to is not a plural.

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