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"In villa picturas pingere vultis."

Translation:You all want to paint pictures in the villa.

October 13, 2019



"you want to paint paintings in the house"

why not accepted? paintings is accepted in every other occurence of picturas


indeed. and it's not because of the word "paintings" but because you used "you" in stead of "you all". I had the same and I reported it as in English there is no distinction between "you" plural and "you" singular.


"You all want" is idiosyncratic but may be defended, but it is very odd indeed that Duolingo does not accept the perfectly correct "You want."

And, they do not accept "paintings" either ...


nope. ''you all want to paint paintings in the house'' also got marked as incorrect


Duolingo is not in English. It is in southern US English.

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