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"Hovtay'vetlh botlhDaq luSpet mach tu'lu'."

Translation:There is a small black hole at the center of that star system.

October 13, 2019



Would it really be called a star system if there's a black hole at the center?


Good question. Though regardless of whether the science adds up, that is what the sentence says.


Yes, that is what the sentence says.


chaq nep jatlhwI'.


chaq Hov luSpet je bav yuQmey.


From the discussions, if the word is in blue, you can click on it to get to the dictionary entry. For some reason no definition is given for botlh'e' in the dictionary, but if you hover over the words in the example sentences, you can see the hints for those words.

botlh means "center, middle, median"

Note that your question is not grammatical. It is immediately clear what it means, so if you asked it in conversation, I probably wouldn't even comment on it. However, since this is a teaching environment, I want to point out that you do not have a verb. The question pronoun nuq can act as subject and verb in a "to be" fashion, but it seems that it probably cannot act as object and verb in standard grammar. You would have to ask botlh nuq? (or nuq 'oH botlh'e'?)


Nope. Neither make any sense to me, but that's OK. Please note also, that the suffix -na' (type 3) must come before the suffix -Daq (type 5).


No, follow the conversation.

  • There is a small black hole at the center of that star system.
  • Would it really be called a star system if there's a black hole at the center?
  • Perhaps the speaker lies
  • Pehaps the star and the black hole orbit each other
  • What is a center?, (but perhaps Hovtay'vetlh botlhDaqna' luSpet mach tu'lu''a'? might be a little clearer.)


What is a center?

botlh nuq or nuq 'oH botlh'e' or botlh 'oH nuq'e' are What is a center? but they're also What is the center? Your question in Klingon, even if it were grammatical, did not contain enough information to distinguish this.

Even in English, I don't understand your question. Are you asking for the definition of center? Are you asking about the foci of an ellipse?


I thought I was saying At the actual center of that star system is there a black hole? as a reply to your statement chaq Hov luSpet je bav yuQmey..

But there may have been two problems:

  1. Klingon grammar. jdmcowan correctly pointed out I had the wrong suffix order. Was I missing something else?

  2. Lack of clarity of the question. I can see that even the modified question isn't clear, so I replied to your original with something hopefully more clear.


Okay, what about: bavchuqchugh vaj Hovtay'vetlh botlhna'Daq luSpet tu'lu'be' If they orbit each other, then there is not a black hole at the actual center of that star system. vaj chaq nep jatlhwI'

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