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"He is warm towards my father."

Translation:Dia hangat terhadap ayahku.

October 13, 2019



For people kepada is a lot better and more polite than terhadap.


And yet I was marked wrong for using "kepada".


I know this sentence makes sense in English. But does it make sense (or carry the same meaning) in Indonesia? Is it right to say someone feels 'hangat' towards another person.


That is possible but in Indonesia people use manis in that case. Salam hangat, nama ana can bu used as signature for a letter or e-mail to a person you already know (very) well. Selamat manis, nama anda for a person you know very well and like.


I was told that "terhadap" is usually used more for abstract concepts rather than for persons or institutions. Is that correct?

E.g. Kami harus memberi perhatian (attention) terhadap lingkungan (environment).


The better translation is "Dia bersikap hangat terhadap ayahku"

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