As I said before, I realize the staff is always making improvements, but I wonder if a little warning ahead of time for something like the added lessons is possible. That's a pretty big change and can throw one off. Thank you.

April 22, 2013


We did update the German tree today, which meant that we did take out some lessons and consolidated others. We are always working on improving language learning and the tree. We can make sure we give some more warning next time! Appreciate this feedback.

Thank you so much, the duolingo team is truly exceptional.

We are going back to the old tree for now due to some issues.

I wondered where it disappeared to. Hope to see it again. It looked interesting.

Is it possible to make both available during a cut-over period?

Cut-over periods take a lot of hard work. I'm really happy about the new tree and would prefer the duolingo team to work on other improvements rather than easier cut-overs. Despite the initial problem it was a good release. My thanks to the duolingo team that worked on it.

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