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"The window is in the kitchen."

Translation:اَلْشُّبّاك في ٱلْمَطْبَخ.

October 14, 2019



We should teach نافذة or طاقة

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طاقة = energy


How would we say "The window in the kitchen". Wouldn't it be the same?

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Actually it is confusing indeed. However, this is my thought about it:

I think nowadays, in today's everyday speech, people started omitting the conjugating words that connect two elements of the sentence, like "which", "that", and such. So, I would say the window in the kitchen (though it is correct and I would accept that even as a translation for the Arabic sentence above), it originally is or should have been the window that/which is in the kitchen.
Keeping this idea in mind, a sentence like the window which is in the kitchen would be definitely translated differently than the window IS in the kitchen; After all, the two meanings are also different in English. Thus:

  • The window is in the kitchen: الشباك في المطبخ
  • The window which is in the kitchen: الشباك الذي في المطبخ

Where الذي (allaδee) stands for (which/who/that) -in masculine form.
This said, though, even speakers of Arabic do sometimes omit such connecting words, and thus the sentence الشباك في المطبخ can stand for both varieties and the only distinction between the two is the context of the conversation.


Thank you. This is very illuminating and seems a sounds


Oops , sent by mistake before I finished the sentence. I meant to say it seems a sound and reasonable explanation.

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