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"Für diesen Preis kann ich zwanzig Äpfel kaufen!"

Translation:For this price I can buy twenty apples!

October 14, 2019



'Ich' would normally be followed by 'kaufe' (I buy). Is it 'kaufen' because of kann or because it is last?


When the first position in a sentence is taken by something other than the subject (assuming it's a statement rather than a question), the subject and the verb switch places so that the subject comes after the verb. "Kaufen" is unconjugated and last because of the modal verb "können". When a verb phrase has several verbs, only the first verb gets conjugated and the other verbs are moved to the end without conjugation.


I agree. I want to add here that modal verbs basically work the same in English. Ich will Äpfel kaufen <--> I want to buy apples. Word order aside, the modal verb is conjugated while the other verb remains in its infinitive base form in both German and English.


When you are unsure about conjugation, try the third person singular (he/she/it) in English. He can buy apples, not he can buys apples -> buy is an infinitive (in this case without to). So: Er kann kaufen and also Ich kann kaufen.

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