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What is the point... ?

Can anyone tell me now what is the point of a 'test out' button when there are now only 2 or 4 lessons to complete to level up?

I am very sad that lessons have been so dramatically reduced. I think this update has been very poorly thought out.

Before, people had the option to take the test to level up to get their gold disc, while the rest of us could still choose to complete the more challenging lessons.

We have now been denied that choice and instead have been given a dumbed down practise button.

After two weeks of having the reduced lessons I have also yet to get a cracked disc.

When will that happen? Is this what they mean by spaced learning? And how will those discs be selected? At random? Surely I am the one that knows best what I need to learn and practise.

I, for one, feel completely demotivated now.

October 14, 2019



For people that have had one year of a foreign language in school, it makes no sense to have them typing "The cat drinks milk" over and over. It only makes sense for them to be able to test out to a more appropriate level.


I think he's venting his frustration with the loss of lessons, it take almost as much time to test out as to do the 4 lesson. You now lose lots of positive reinforcement I feel his pain and think the same way. It is about the loss lessons not testing out. Help us slow ones, SAVE TURTLES!


I just experienced that today, lucky me. D:


1 lesson is still less than 4

or 4 lessons is less than 16

So there is still a point to the test out button.


Been a week since I first made my post about this drastic reduction: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34468432

There are now three other similar posts and Duo still hasn't done anything to rectify the problem. Apparently duo did repond on another post but I'm not holding my breath. We still need to let them know how unhappy we are or I believe we are stuck with this awful dumbing down


The higher crown levels have more lessons. I don't know about Norwegian, but the Vietnamese course has twenty or more lessons in the higher crown levels.


No Shea, you simply haven't received the update PKjempe is referring to yet. When you do, those 20 or more lessons will be come 4, I believe. I, thankfully, haven't received this update yet either, but we all will in time.


I started a petition to go back to the old way. Some android users have reported that their lessons have been restored but not for iPhone. Please visit this link to sign.


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