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Can someone explain thoroughly the difference between "dari" and "daripada"/"ke" and "kepada"?

October 14, 2019



'daripada' = than ==> used for comparisons
informal : 'daripada' can be replaced by 'dari'.

Es lebih dingin daripada air.
Ice is colder than water.

'dari' = from ==> used to mark starting place.

Tini baru berangkat dari Jakarta.
Tini just departed from Jakarta.

'ke' = to ==> used to mark direction or destination.

Tini pergi ke Sidney.
Tini goes to Sidney.

'kepada' = to ==> used to mark destination, used for persons.
informal: 'kepada' can be replaced by 'ke'.

Tini mengirim surat kepada Ibunya.
Tini sends a letter to her mother.


The one thing that bothers me about this course is the use of the informal "dari" instead of "daripada" for comparison. Shouldn't this course teach formal Indonesian? I think it may confuse people who are not used to the language.


ke is always to a place, kepada is to a person

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