"I cook and you eat."

Translation:Yo cocino y tú comes.

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could you not write Yo cocino y tu comes or usted come

5 years ago


Hey, here is s grest idea. I cook and eat you

1 year ago


I put "su comen" but it says it should be "tu come" or "ustedes comen"

Why not su? What is the difference between Tu and ustedes? When is it come or comen?

The issue with this app is it never explains anything...

2 years ago


" Yo como mi comida " - [ I eat -my- meal ] " Tú comes tu comida " - [ You eat -your- meal ] " Él / Ella come su comida " - [ He/She eats his/her meal ] " Ellos / Ellas comen su comida " - [ They eat their meal ] " Nosotros comemos nuestra comida " - [ We eat our meal ] " Ustedes comen su comida" - [ You eat your meal ]

Diferencia entre Tú y Tu

[ Tú ] (acentuado) es un pronombre personal (personal pronoun) y sin acento [ Tu ] es un (Determinante posesivo [ https://goo.gl/gWESAu ])

[ Su ] también es un determinante posesivo pero usado con "El / Ella / Esto / Ustedes " ( Ella come su comida / She eats her meal ) ( Ustedes comen su comida - Plural ^ Tú comes tu comida - Singular / You eat your meal )

Ustedes es el plural de los pronombres personales [ Tú, Usted ] Por ejemplo: Hay 20 personas en un salón se clases y el profesor dice: Ustedes (segunda persona del plural) : + Ustedes tienen asignaciones para el día de hoy. Tú ( Segunda persona del singular ) + ¿Tú hiciste la tarea? -- A una persona en particular

Los verbos necesitan ser conjugados dependiendo del tiempo verbal y el pronombre personal que desees usar. Aquí una herramienta para conjugar [ https://goo.gl/vfjtF ]

You need to do your best to make questions in Spanish. It improves your learning... I'm currently learning English and it's what I do.

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Por que "y" y no "e"?

5 years ago

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You use "e" only if what follows it has the same sound as "y". In "hija" the "h" is silent and that "i" sounds like "y" and repeating two vowels sounds bad. So you would use "e hija" not "y hija".

5 years ago


Could you also say "Yo cocino y comer"?

4 years ago


im confused when to use the variations of the word. eat

2 years ago


Tu.. was not even an option. But yet it was in the answer :/

1 year ago


How do you know if it is e or y

1 year ago


Read ahead and you will see...

9 months ago
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