"You wear shoes."

अनुवाद:तुम जूते पहनते हो।

June 23, 2014

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तुम जूते पहने हो।


Hi! "तुम जूते पहने हो।" translates to "You are wearing shoes." This is used in a situation where you want to tell someone that he/she is at present wearing shoes. On the other hand, "तुम जूते पहनते हो।" is more of a general statement indicating that the the person in question generally wears shoes. Hope that helped!


U r right..wht is ur name


I'm fine my name is Ravi


What is difference between तु and तुम

[निष्क्रिय उपयोगकर्ता]

    In India 'तू', 'तुम' & 'आप' Depends on Age or Privilage. The more authority a person get, the more respectively he would be called. For Example: "Do This", Not Respectively at all : 'तू यह कर' With Respect : 'तुम यह करो' With Most Respectively : 'आप यह कीजिए'. :)


    Ya..there r a problm ..

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      There are 'some' problem. or There 'is' a problem. :-P


      You wears shoes


      No I have not any problem..I speak but it make wrong...

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