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  5. "Aluminum is a metal."

"Aluminum is a metal."

Translation:Το αλουμίνιο είναι ένα μέταλλο.

October 14, 2019



Why is “Αλουμίνιο είναι μέταλλο” wrong? I am not even sure when I should and when I should not omit the definite article anymore...


The subject takes an article in Greek. (Except if it is a pronoun, e.g. "εσύ είσαι νέος").


Thanks... I don’t think I was told that before.


Such generic sentences in English are actually the exact opposite in Greek and vice versa. The Greek here actually sounds more natural without the indefinite article (ένα) -an alternate accepted answer- and also omitting the definite article (το) would be wrong. There are lots of sentences like this one throughout the course and if you start noticing the pattern, you'll get used to it very soon.


I was just noticing the same thing here, the opposite treatment in whether the subject or object gets an article between the two languages. I was starting to pick up on the pattern, but this sentence really highlighted it for me.

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