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"أَسْكُن في ٱلْطّابِق اَلْثّاني."

Translation:I live on the second floor.

October 14, 2019



I live upstairs from you, yes I think you've seen me before


My name is Luca ---

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Came for these comments and wasn't disappointed :)





hi on my screen the word for floor has a different first letter than the word for second. Are these two different letters or is there something wrong with my computer? They both should be alef but they are different. The one in the word floor is thinner than the one in the word second. Hope someone can see the same thing on their screen.

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hmm they look similar to me... both are Alif ا. Did you try to zoom in?


I give up. I don't know why there are two different fonts for the alif. I'm almost at the end of the course. I guess I will never know. I've managed until now. Thanks for answering.


What you see is the difference between أ and ٱ. You know the first, a short a after a glottal stop, which we write 2a. The second one describes a form of liaison in which certain letters are completely ignored and drawn into another. في ٱلمدينه. is NOT pronounced as "Fî al-madînah" but rather "Fî l-madînah" because the alif is completely ignored. This takes several forms, such as ما ٱسمك being "Mā smak" and NOT "Mâ 2ismak" for example or في ٱلطاولة being "Fî T-Tâwilah" and NOT "Fî aT-Tâwilah".

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can you take a picture and post it here (thru imgur or dropbox, or any other service)?


will try to now.

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Oh ok .. well I was thinking of a picture.

Yes now i noticed there is a difference somewhat but not the size, on the top character on each Alif. Duolingo should not have used this to confuse people.
I think you know the stroke above a letter, FatHa, which is (a) so probably no need to explain this one.

The little symbol on the Alif in the word الطابق, this is just a marker for Alif to mark it as Hamzat-Wassl. I posted a complete post about the differences between Hamzas and such. Anyway, this small character on the Alif is not necessary (it is used in Quranic calligraphy more to gauge and control the recitation). The mark resembles a little صـ (from the word وصل Wassl, meaning Connection). Again, this is just a regular and normal AL الـ that comes to define a noun ... nothing is different about how it is pronounced. And yet, i don't know why Duolingo insists on using such symbols as the dagger Alif and like this one which we don't usually use in daily writing at all.

Edit: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34396041


في ٱلْصّي


see the strange letter after the word fii? It is an alif but very thin and with a strange squiggle on top that doesn't look like the usual symbols... I can find another example if it isn't clear.


just used copy paste didn't think of it until now. :)


ها ٱلْسَّ same strange alif.

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