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  5. "You like our table."

"You like our table."

Translation:Mensa nostra vobis placet.

October 14, 2019



Fem Sing Nominative: Mēnsa Nostra
2nd Pers Plu: Dative Vōbīs • Nominative: Vōs
3rd Pers Sing: placet


I was puzzled by the placet as the 't' ending normally refers to it/he/she. I was expecting something like 'placis' for 'you'. Can anyone explain?


A less natural but more literal translation from Latin into English would be "Our table pleases you". So "table" is the subject instead of "you" and takes the usual 3rd person singular ("-et") ending.

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"Vobis" is the dative, so an even more literal translation would be "Our table is pleasing to you."

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