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"I am sorry, I cannot pick you up tomorrow."

Translation:Tut mir leid, ich kann euch morgen nicht abholen.

October 14, 2019



Was ist falsch bei meiner Antwort dann? Leider, Morgen kann ich dich nicht abholen.

October 14, 2019


Firstly, "Leider..." would normally be translated as "unfortunately" (rather than "I am sorry" - it's a bit more impersonal than that, but the case could be made). Secondly, if you start the sentence with "leider", the next element of the sentence must be the conjugated verb: Leider kann ich dich morgen nicht abholen (remember, German has V2 word order - verb second. That means that in a main clause/declarative sentence, the conjugated verb is the second element).

October 14, 2019


You could also use Entschuldigung to mean sorry

October 18, 2019
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