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"صَحيفة اَلْمُهَنْدِس كَبيرة وَقَديمة."

Translation:The engineer's newspaper is big and old.

October 14, 2019



Ah yes, I'll have my newspaper extra large please


And extra old...us engineers we love old news ...oh yeah!


This program needs more alternate answers, eg:the newspaper of the engineer=engineer's newspaper Was not=wasn't, and so on. It is a real pain, that some answers don't take contractions or make you spell Mohamed the exact same way when there are so many alt spellings.


What is the difference between "The engineer's big, old newspaper" and "The engineer's newspaper is big and old"? Is it just that one is a complete sentence?


The former will have the definite article at each of the adjectives, i.e., alkabiirah walqadiimah.


What kind of a sentence is this! Looks rather computer generated to me.


You're right. This sentence is absurd.


How would I say "The big and old engineer's newspaper"?


Just make sure you put the 'al' by the noun (engineer) of the sentence, then by the adjectives describing that noun, and NOT by newspaper - so:

صحيفة المهندس الكبيرة والقديمة (Sahifat al-Muhandis al-kabiira wa-al-qadiima). This still implies possession of the newspaper, but possession of the Big,Old engineer Here we have the 'al' by the engineer, old and big, and not by the newspaper


Leo 567866 -- The gender of the adjectives would need to be masculine to match the gender of of the noun "engineer" -- thus "The big and old engineer's newspaper" = صحيفة المهندس الكبير والقديم


I accidentally misspelled and by saying "an" its a simple typo that has nothing to do with my grasp of the langiage and the concept

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