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Why I am learning Indonesian

My sister went to Malaysia for a year and a half and is now fluent in Malay, and I want to be able to speak with her. I already know how good duolingo is because I am learning German, and I know Indonesian is very similar to Malay. I also have a friend who speaks Indonesian and his dad is from Indonesia, so I will be able to talk to him in Indonesian too. I am so excited to start learning!

October 15, 2019



Did she get fluent in one and a half years? Was she doing anything to learn prior, or did she just pick it up while she was over there.


She did a few weeks of studying beforehand, but she learned most of it from just being there.


That’s impressive.


yea, but immersive language learning helps you learn the language faster.


good hahah good luck!


I learning to speak it because I have met someone I like that speaks it and want to be able to communicate, or a least relate.


Hey, i'm Indonesian... have great time learning Indonesia!


I went to Malaysia

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