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"Nature in the state of Georgia is very pretty."

Translation:اَلْطَّبيعة في وِلاية جورْجْيا جَميلة جِدّاً.

October 15, 2019



Shouldnt the this order be also excepted for the arabic translation: in the state of georgia, the nature is very pretty

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On many occasions on Duolingo, translating by meaning is not accepted. They want literal translation or order. It happens for me a lot in other languages here.


Doesn't mean it shouldn't be though. (Especially how much they arbitrarily mix up word order in the "Picture" lessons.)


Why not الولاية

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The Genitive case (or the OF-relation) in Arabic works differently than in English. In English you might say for example: The pen of the teacher; Where the 2 nouns here, pen and teacher are defined with The. In Arabic, however, the definition in such compound is added only to the second noun in the compound. In our previous example, the pen of the teacher becomes pen of the teacher.

Now, in ولاية جورجيا we are supposed to add (AL) to جورجيا but this is a proper name and does not come defined usually (like many areas and places names, specifically those of foreign origin). Thus, we leave it as it is and no (AL) is added to جورجيا.

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