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  5. "I sit on the pillow."

"I sit on the pillow."

Translation:אני יושב על הכרית.

October 15, 2019



Why is pillow not a direct object i.e. why not אני יושב את על הכרית


Well... because it isn't. A pillow can be a direct object in a sentence, but "sit" is an intransitive verb, which means there can't be a direct object after it, only an indirect object. And an indirect object can take any other preposition, like על here, or can be without a preposition.


I know that's not what the asker meant (good answer by dsjanta) but this can also be translated into a female speaker - making the root word changing to יושבת (no א Alef).


You can never say את על because את is always used with a direct object and על is always used with an indirect object. An object cannot be both direct and indirect at the same time!

Now אני יושב את הכרית would mean "I sit the pillow" which doesn't make much sense. There are very few direct objects you can sit without any preposition, and "pillow" is not one of them.

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