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  5. "Marcus vates visitat."

"Marcus vates visitat."

Translation:Marcus visits the seers.

October 15, 2019



It can be plural or singular, "vates", but only in the nominative.
Vates sacrificant = The soothsayers sacrifice.
Vates sacrificat = The soothsayer sacrifices.

In the accusative, it's Vatem (or even "Vaten" says my dictionary) for singular, and Vates for the plural.

Templum illud habet vates = Several soothsayers.
Templum illud habet vatem = 1 soothsayer.


I translated "Marcus vates visitat" as "Marcus visits the soothsayer". This was marked correct, but I now think it should not have been. To be correct, I should surely have used the plural soothsayers. I've reported this as "My answer should not be accepted".


Why is "visits the poets" marked wrong? Elsewhere you give "poet" as a meaning of "vates"

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