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Multi vs Multae

When is it correct to use “Multi” and when to use “Multae”?

Sometimes these things aren’t clear when I’m doing the exercises on the app

October 15, 2019



Multi is the masculine plural of "many," and multae is feminine plural. Multa is the neuter version. Latin adjectives have to agree in gender and number. You have to memorize the noun gender similar to French and Spanish.


Multi = Masculine plural

Multae = Feminine plural

Multa = Neuter plural



Yes, multi/multae/multa are the plural nominative forms, for M/F/N.

(Neuter plural multa = both nominative and accusative plural.)

Each form also comes in genitive, dative, accusative, and ablative forms.

So, for the masculine set: nominative multi (many men); genitive multorum (OF many men); dative multis (to/for many men); accusative multos (THEM, the many men); ablative multis (by/with/from many men). endings alone: -i / -orum / -is / -os / is. (2nd declension endings)

The feminine set belong to the 1st declension: -ae / -arum / -is / -as / -is.

The neuter set are also 2nd decl. like the masculines, but notice the special neuter plural endings in the nominative and accusative: -a / -orum / -is / -a / -is.

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