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Are how these characters are pronounced in the Hindi course even how they are really pronounced?

The differences are incredibly subtle, sometimes "k" and "g" sounds exactly the same when spoken by the bot, "a" and "ā" sound like they can be used the same way on their own because i'm not given context to why they are used different and how they sound in words. The "ā" sound doesn't even sound like it is different in duration to "a" so can somebody explain to me?

October 15, 2019



I would say that save for a few bugs here and there, the bot's pronunciations are mostly correct.

The क(k) and ग(g) sounds correspond exactly to the 'k' and 'g' sounds in English. Both sounds are articulated from the same place but 'k' is unvoiced and 'g' is voiced.
The vowel 'a' is like in 'alert' and 'ā' is like in 'far'. I can see how it might be difficult to distinguish the sounds when the vowel is sounded in isolation though.


wow, this made things so much clearer.

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