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"Canes in pavimento dormire solent."

Translation:Dogs usually sleep on the floor.

October 15, 2019



Solere: "to be accustomed to, to be used to, to be in the habit of". I think that the translation of solere into a verbal equivalent should be acceptable, though I tried "The dogs are accustomed to sleeping on the floor". Duo probably didn't like the gerund, but I can't see a problem with it.


Canis meus in lecto dormire solet. Dormire in pavimento non placet ei.


Usually dogs sleep on the floor should be accepted, or?


Would "Dog on the floor usually sleep" requires a relative pronoun?


In the sense of "The dogs that are on the floor usually sleep"? You could disambiguate the meaning with a relative clause, yes:

Canes quī in pavimentō sunt dormīre solent.

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