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"Senem negotiosum in foro videmus."

Translation:We see a busy old man in the forum.

October 15, 2019



The English accent in this sentence isn't just distracting. By aspirating the [t] of "negotiosum", the speaker produces the Classical [th], as if the word were written "negothiosum".


We see, in the forum, the old busy man. I think it's not too weird.

But, wouldn't be "old busy man" instead of "busy old man"?

Old is "age".
But Busy is "purpose" or a "condition"? I think it's more a "condition", like "hungry", but the sentence still looks weird for me (but not a native).

Table of place of the English adjective


We see, in the forum, the old busy man. I think it's not too weird.

It's fine, but it's not a neutral word order. It is drawing special attention to "in the forum", because you have raised it from its usual position following the verb.

But, wouldn't be "old busy man" instead of "busy old man"?

In English, it would be "busy old man" and never "old busy man". "Busy" is a condition of the man like "hungry"—he may or may not be busy tomorrow. Purpose refers to something like "wedding dress": "a dress made/worn for a wedding". The man does not exist for the purpose of being busy.

Hope that helps.


"We see a old man busy in the forum" was accepted as correct but marked for a typo for not using "an" as the article instead of "a". However, there was no "an" available as an option so the student should not be punished.


she reads "negotiosum" as if it were 2 words "negotio" and "sum"


Why would we see the busy old man n the forum? As Latin has no definite or indefinite articles


Latin doesn't, but English does and in most cases requires them. In many cases translating a singular noun, 'the' and 'a' will be interchangeable and both versions will be accepted. If Duolingo does not accept the use of both then you may want to report 'my answer should be accepted' (just make sure everything else is correct).


I selected the awnser, and i got it wrong!


why not aged man?

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