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Japanese course for Indonesians?

[deactivated user]

    I'm native Indonesian, learning Japanese from Duolingo.

    I was thinking if there could be a Japanese course for Indonesians, it would help me cross reference from English and Indonesian to learn better (kinda selfish i know lol). Though there's a lot of Indonesian learning Japanese, approximately 85,000 so say Wikipedia, however there's not much online sources for Japanese for Indonesians, it would help if Duolingo can consider starting Japanese course for Indonesians.

    (P.S. not sure which forum to post this, so i posted here, move if necessary)

    October 15, 2019



    This is the right forum, or maybe Duolingo forum, so more people see it. I think that course you want is a long way off. I’d say they would do Spanish, French, Italian, German, and maybe others before Japanese, but those are still a long way off. And how many people would want that course?


    We can dream...I wouldn’t expect it anytime in the next 5 years, probably longer.

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