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"That cat does not drink that milk."

Translation:Kucing itu tidak meminum susu itu.

October 16, 2019



why cant I say "kucing itu tidak minum susu itu"? How are minum and meminum different?


Well, minum is the original word and when you add the prefix me-, which basically works to define an original word as a verb, it becomes meminum. Most original words that is paired with the prefix me- are like verbs already, but not always. Original words like these are mostly used in their exact form when making a command, such as in English "drink!" "eat!" etc, but when you use it in normal sentences, the prefix me- is added to define that it is a verb. So, meminum is a more grammatically correct way to say it, but in daily conversation just saying minum without me- actually works just fine. Since we're learning the prefix me- in this lesson, we gotta practice using it :)

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