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"That cat does not drink that milk."

Translation:Kucing itu tidak meminum susu itu.

October 16, 2019



Cats are not supposed to drink cow milk in the first place. They get massive diarrhea from it. Just FYI


menceret habis-habisan



why cant I say "kucing itu tidak minum susu itu"? How are minum and meminum different?


Well, minum is the original word and when you add the prefix me-, which basically works to define an original word as a verb, it becomes meminum. Most original words that is paired with the prefix me- are like verbs already, but not always. Original words like these are mostly used in their exact form when making a command, such as in English "drink!" "eat!" etc, but when you use it in normal sentences, the prefix me- is added to define that it is a verb. So, meminum is a more grammatically correct way to say it, but in daily conversation just saying minum without me- actually works just fine. Since we're learning the prefix me- in this lesson, we gotta practice using it :)


could I use bukan instead of tidak?

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