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Latin Course Extension?

SALVETE, dear residents of Duolingo.

First of all, thank you for the brilliant Beta course.

However, Latin is much more complicated with all those declensions, verb tenses, participles etc., you know. Just wondering whether the Latin course will be extended in any way and how? I'm sure I'm not the only person to ask this question, so please redirect me if there is a similar thread.


October 16, 2019



Yes, it's really difficult to find the previous questions about it.

In summary, they intend to extend it, but it's going to be a long time. Just correlating the feedback from the beta version will be a while, and Latin is more difficult and time-consuming than many languages to compile because of multiple possibilities for the correct word order and the multitude of correct or alternative meanings a word can have.

Likely to be several months, at least.


Likely to be several months, at least.

Definitely will be several months at least. Not only does the work to extend the course have to be done, which takes time, but then the new tree has to be A/B tested, which takes several months on its own.


I would recommend learning Latin by the textbook method, since this really isn't much of a conversational language, and duolingo seems to specialize in conversational-based learning. Just my thoughts.


I disagree. You could learn Latin by Duo, if you learn "throwing spears" it's not only conversational. The only thing is that it would need more lessons. The tree is really really really short.



Until such time as I invent a time machine and travel back to an age where sacrifices, bards, stray orators, weasels, hurling thunderbolts, conversing with gods and goddesses, throwing spears and dealing with drunk, angry parrots is more common, I can't see that much I'm learning is going to be part of my day-to-day conversation.

You never know, of course. I might need it.

So I'm working on it. The time machine, I mean. I'll let you know.

I might even have it ready before the next part of the Latin course appears on Duolingo.


No, a time machine would give you an unfair advantage in getting the longest Duo streak ever!
Please work on a Latin MMORPG instead -- I can see it now: choose your character to be Io, Hera, or Psittacus Maximus; conquer the world by hurling thunderbolts at things or biting them. Read Latin clues to find hidden treasures. Available for Android, iPad, and Commodore 64, just $10 cash or 1000 lingots.


There are actually several spoken Latin communities and chat rooms available online should you wish to practice. There are also programs where students travel to Rome, New York, and France and speak and study Latin in groups together. The movement is growing, but you may not hear much about it. Public accessibility is something we're working on.


Thank you, Colin.

And despite my post being a gentle dig at some of the subject matter of the Latin course which might be more useful if I was in ancient Rome than in a modern Latin-speaking community or chat room, I actually prefer it that way.

And when the new Latin course is nearly ready, I'll go for another march down Stane Street, muttering Latin commands and curses to get into the right frame of mind. I would do Watling Street, but as most of it's under the A2/M2 Motorway, it's a little difficult to dodge the traffic thundering towards Dover, particularly with my armour and sword, spear and pilum...

[edit: parrot on my shoulder, weasel at my heels...]


You should check out 'Imperator' on youtube, it's a short film (about an hour) done entirely in Latin. It's effects are a tad b-rate but it's still a film, in Latin.


Is Skill 3 the end of the Latin course?


I wish! I wish! I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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