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  5. Finnished the beta tree :)


Finnished the beta tree :)

Two weeks ago I've finnished the Arabic beta tree (with 5 crowns in all of the skills). It was very fun and I wanted to thank the dualingo team and the Arabic cours contrabuters...

It was a bid odd as a Hebrow native speaker to learn Arabic from English. after all the hebrow and arabic are both Semitic languages that are more close to each other than english.

The International Modern Arabic is diffrent of cours from the Palestinian Arabic spoken here in Israel. Think how great it would be if there was a courses of Palestinian arabic from Hebrow and vice versa...

Anyway, I feel I've improved my reading skills in the Arabic alfabeit - very good part of the exsitent cours. I also got some more vocabulary. I'm waiting now for the improved full cours.

thanks again <3

October 16, 2019



Does anyone know whether the tree will be extended or not?


I belive it will... it's the betta virsion...


Congratulations, and greetings from México.

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