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Ipad App - Bottom Bar Gone

Hi there, The new bar at the bottom of the iPad app with the Learn, Duel and Shop options is gone from my app. Not sure what happened. I am a new user. I had it two days ago but not any more. There is no other way to get to a duel menu from the iPad app. There is now a store icon in the right corner but it has far fewer options.

Please let me know

June 23, 2014



Hi phschrodder mind letting us know the following:

iPad model:

iOS version:

Duolingo app version:


Duolingo version: 4.0.3 Ipad model: 3rd Generation iOS: 7.1..1

As I mentioned. I had that bottom bar a few days ago but it disappeared the next day. I have tried reinstalling Duolingo but it didn't help


Thanks for the details. We are working on it.


What was the fix? My whole family is using Duolingo on iPads. Most of them on iPad Mini retinas. For some reason one of them is missing the bottom bar. He can't practice like the rest of us. Please help!


My bottom bar is missing also. I no longer see Learn dual & shop. Please Help


My bottom bar is gone as well! I have an iPad mini retina, I used to be able to use it all the time before. Anyone can help?

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