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"بَيْتَك غَريب جِدّاً يا مايْك."

Translation:Your house is very weird, Mike.

October 16, 2019



Por mike

October 16, 2019


Yes, "weird" is a possible translation, but probably not among 85-year olds. I checked my Hans Wehr (the English-language version), the Oxford English-Arabic dictionary, and the Mawrid English-Arabic dictionay, and all three list "strange" rather than "weird" as their most basic translation for "gharib"; "weird" may be with it in your age-range, but for translations with some merit, "strange" is probably still be the best even if not hip. The same argument goes for "a neighbor and a neighbor"--this is not a good translation, neither stylistically (so I am glad you came around to accepting my "two neighbors"; but it still is not a full translation because it misses out on the fact that one is male and one is female, while you pretend American unisex is good enough; and English is one of the few languages where there really is only unisex. I would think that "a neighboress and a neighbor" or "a female and a male neighbor" is taking care of the complete content, not just of a mutilated arrangement of words which is even stylistically obnoxious. "A neighbor and a neighbor"! Ha!

October 24, 2019
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