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  5. "The man is eating an apple."

"The man is eating an apple."

Translation:Der Mann isst einen Apfel.

April 23, 2013



Einen a little difficult to remember


I agree. I keep forgetting to think 1. what's the gender (when not just saying "the")? and 2. is it accusative or nominative?


It is accusativ


What is the meaning of einn ?


what is the difference between das and der please?


German has three grammatical genders. "Der, die, und das". Actually, the German Sesamestreet theme song has been pounding those three into German children ears. Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdPafM1VSCo


I eat = ich esse He/she eats = er/sie isst I drink = ich trinke He/she drinks = er/sie trinkst


How do you remember einen vs ein?


Just thought of this potential "Eselsbrücke" (donkey bridge a.k.a. mnemonic aid).

Remember Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner!" = "I am a Berliner!"? "ein Berliner" is the nominative object, i.e. the noun or subject "Berliner" is in its basic form (as we memorize nouns). Just add "Ich sehe einen Berliner!" = "I see a Berliner!" to it. Here, "einen Berliner" is the accusative object, its article is changing, "ich" is the nominative object acting upon the accusative object. Now you will memorize that "ein" is used for masculine nominative objects and "einen" for masculine accusative objects.


What's the difference between Einen and den when used with a word like apple?

Why has it changed from einen to den, BACK to einen?


Einen = a / an; It's general, like "Get me an apple" suggests that you don't care which apple, just any apple will do.

Den = the; It's more specific, "Get me the apple" would mean you want a specific apple you were talking about before.


So comfuse between einen and den


One is definite, and the other is indefinite. "Ich will einen Apfel - egal welchen." - "I want [an/one] apple - no matter which one." "Ich will den Apfel - und keinen anderen." - "I want that apple - and no other one."

Or did you mean the cases in general?


Why we hv 2 use isst and esse


eine? ein? den? …how to use them?difficult to remember(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻


To me Apfel it comes with the article Die, Even thought if it is accusative it has to be another Noun with DER IN order to use einen Apfel


Can someone help me on isst and esse and trink, trinkst,(only eat and drink) Thanks!


accusative, wait..........dative, right? but we have had no discussion of such.


I always get DER and DAS mixed up like EIN,EINE and, EINEN!


How do Germans know what word (den das der die) to use as 'the'

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