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When do we use από(prepositions)

Hey everyone, I'm doing the "prepositions" lesson right now, and I'm a little bit confused on the preposition από.

In the examples, από sometimes comes after other prepositions. So my question is, when exactly do we use από, and in which prepositions do we have to use από after it?

October 16, 2019



Από can basically mean of, from, since or than. There's a number of different ways to use it with prepositions but the main ones are: πίσω από (behind), μπροστά από (in front of), κάτω από (under) etc. My professor said that it can only be used with πάνω to mean that something is literally hanging or suspended above something, so τα κλειδιά είναι πάνω από το τραπέζι would mean that the keys are literally over the table. I'm also learning so there might well be other ways to use it but I haven't run into them yet. Hope this helps in some way

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