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What is my name in Klingon?

I've searched the web, and I've search the forums here, but I can't find anyone describing how to translate my name into Klingon.

I'm assuming that there is a set of general rules to follow, or so, but I'm not having any luck.

Can anyone help me?

Note: I'm looking for generalizations that can be applied to many names. But at the same time, my name is Aaron.

October 16, 2019



Since Klingons do not have equivalents for names like Aaron, there is no such thing as a translation for a name. One could argue that even Earth languages don't really translate names, but that's a long argument that has very little to do with Klingon names.

One option is to use basically the same spelling, but alter them slightly to match Klingon orthography (i.e. spelling conventions). You could go with 'aron or 'a'aron. That second one may also be the closest you can get to the Hebrew pronunciation and is very close to the Hawaiian version of the name.

Another option is to transliterate your name - i.e. to use Klingon letters/sounds to create the nearest equivalent. So to use the English pronunciation we say here in Chicago you could say 'erIn, or my New England friend says it more like 'eyran.

Another option is to look up the original meaning and try to translate that. Names in the modern world don't really carry any meaning. We don't hear the name Rich and think they must be wealthy. Or Faith and think they must be religious. I think there's debate about the original meaning of Aaron, but we could say peplu' ("he is raised").

Or we can abbandon your Earth name altogether. You can look for an existing Klingon name you like (there's a short list in The Klingon Dictionary). Or come up with a meaning unrelated to your name and ask how to translate that.

Here's another good resource: http://www.klingonwiki.net/En/KlingonName


When I saw 'a'aron the first thing that came to mind was that stupid skit. So yea, not going there, lol.

On my own I was trying to work out how to make the sounds the same, not necessarily the spelling. I'm looking at 'eran, but I generally pronounce my name more with an O than an A, so 'eron. Is that even close to something in Klingon?


When you say more with an O than A, do you mean like in "row" or like in "Ron"? Because Klingon uses o for the sound in "row" and a for the sound in "Ron" (and doesn't have the sound in "ran" at all).

'eran works fine for normal Klingon spelling conventions. It is a little similar to 'er'In ("end" of something long) and contains ran (like in the end of ghawran "Gowron").

I don't know what skit you are referring to with 'a'aron.


Yes, more like ran, than row. So that would lean towards 'eran.

But you brought up using an I, and that's sticking in my head now.

Hmmm.... I'm saying my name over and over (probably sound crazy), and maybe the beginning is more of an e sound, like the beginning of echo? Maybe 'e'rIn?

Lucky for you, not knowing the skit. But I think I've already made it clear that I don't like it, lol. https://youtu.be/Dd7FixvoKBw


Understood. Though in Klingon, 'a'aron is pronounced more like ah-ah-roan. Still, it's your name and, unlike the teacher in that skit, I believe you have the right to have your name be whatever you want. 'e'rIn sounds like eh-rin and is very close to how we say it here in the midwest, but without the break between eh and rin.


Yea, I think I like 'e'rIn :)

Thank you for your help!

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