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"K'mpec touches his nose with his middle finger."

Translation:ghIchDaj qay qI'empeq.

October 16, 2019



I have a question about pronunciation. When I clicked on qay in the word bank, the audio that I heard sounded like Qay to me (it was more drawn out and had more of an H sound than I was expecting). Is it possible that Duolingo actually played Qay (the letter Q) for me, since it doesn't distinguish between lower- and upper-case letters? I wouldn't be surprised if I'm just making a mistake about pronunciation, but thought I'd check since I'm really trying to work on my listening comprehension. Thanks as always!


It is not only possible, it is likely! The Duolingo software is unable to recognize the difference between q and Q and will not allow us to record them as different sounds. We are working on a solution and may have a workaround soon.


Ah, okay. Great to know in the mean time. Thank you!


If it was the female voice, yes it's Qay. The male voice says qay.

muyIvchu' jay' (It's bugging the crap out of me)


Yep, it was definitely Qay then. And ha! I imagine that's beyond annoying, especially after you've put so much effort into making q and Q sound distinct in the recordings.

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