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  5. "We are aged bakers."

"We are aged bakers."

Translation:Pistores seniles sumus.

October 17, 2019



Fyi, I wrote: Seniles pistores sumus, and duolingo says it is correct with a typo. It says the correct answer is "Senilis pistores sumus", but the provided answer is actually the one with the typo. I didn't have any good report option in the report choices, so I simply said "something else is wrong". Hopefully this comment can explain the issue should the moderators need more information.


'Seniles' or 'senilis'?


Senilis for nominative and vocative singular (masculine and feminine) and genitive singular (masculine, feminine, and neuter).

Seniles for nominative, accusative, and vocative plural (masculine and feminine).

Seniles is used here since it has to match with pistores (which is masculine, nominative plural).


When writing "seniles" Duo says you have a typo and the correct solution is "senilis".


At the top of the discussion page it has the translation with seniles. The typo situation seems to be some sort of error and another comment here mentions it as well.

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