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Only a very little Arabic and that's it?

So that's it? No more Arabic? I have friends who have been doing language with you for several years - and 90 days and the Arabic is done?

October 17, 2019



Well, it seems like the tree is long enough to give you a solid basis to the language (semitic languages has different concept non semitic speakers need to wrap their head around- not easy! let alone different set of letters!).

I think you might be mistaken what Duolingo is all about- not meant for fluency. If you feel you know the tree 100% maybe it's time to move on- audiobooks, books\newspapers, podcasts, TV shows, movies, etc. You can look into ArabicPod 101which I believe is free.

P.S - if you posting it now, after 90 days, know that it's a pretty new added course- that been 'pulled' for repairs at least once, so yes could be it.


My Hebrew has been very good for over 20 years. What they have isn't bad - but certainly nowhere near ready for "audiobooks (especially with the strange accent) or newspapers or tv shows.


Exactly! Why why??

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There will be more to the course in later iterations, but it will take time. If you're interested in how far a more developed course can go, the Hebrew one is pretty good. I'm pretty fluent, but it had vocabulary I didn't know (particularly in topics like sports and politics).


Duolingo is only for basics, I recommend an app called Mondly. This app teaches you fluency.

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