"The mangoes are not ripe"

Translation:Maembe hayajaiva

October 17, 2019

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Means: The Mangoes are NOT YET ripe. "The mangoes are not ripe" would mean : "Maembe haya-ku-iva". It's the same negation like in past tense


Could you put "The mangoes have not ripened, " as the question? This would keep it relevant to the specific tense you're teaching.


I keep getting this wrong! Is it irregular?


No. Break it down with STROVE:

Subject: haya-. Negative plural prefix for the Ji/Ma class, to which maembe belongs (sentence with just one mango would be embe halijaiva).

Tense: -ja-. Negative past perfect tense marker, "not yet".

(Relative and direct Object don't apply here)

Verb (+ End) -iva. Stem of kuiva, to ripen.

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