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Identifying Words: Practicing with a blog post

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Hello everyone,
It's been a while since I've posted something here. Which made me think of an idea, in hope that it helps some of you out there. I was really reluctant to post this, I will do it anyway; If someone finds it useful, then go for it, if not, then no harm is done and you can easily skip it.

First of all, this is a blog post from my Arabic blog: https://arabiancamera.blogspot.com/2019/10/blog-post.html

My Arabic blog is dedicated to photography, so the posts there are about photography and photo-editing in general. And just today, I've posted this article or post, which talks about my latest experiment with High-Speed photography.
Anyway, the idea here is the following: My blog is like most of the Arabic articles found around, written without diacritics or Harakat. I thought it would be helpful if learners here would be able to see the text for themselves (and away from the atmosphere of Duolingo) and maybe try to identify some words. The purpose here is NOT to understand the article, but to provide a real text and some real material to work with, to identify some of it, and to study; And if you are up to make an understanding for some or all of it, go ahead and bookmark the page if you like so you can return to it later.

So, this is the general idea here. It is to expose learners (those who really want to) to real Arabic text. I just hope for one thing from my side, and that is me not making any typos in that post because I don't proof-read my work usually and I have none to help.
If you like also, you can copy a word from the post and paste it in Google Translate so the speech machine would speak it out, and I hope their machine is better than the one here; I doubt though.

Now just some bits of additional information; Just some extra words to add to your vocabulary list and might be useful to know!

Blog: مُدَوَّنة (mudawwanah).
Article: مَقالَة (maqálah).
Photography: تصوير (tacwír).
Photographer: مُصَوِّر (mucawwir).
Dice: نَرْد (nard), or حَجَرُ النَّرْد (ħajaru-nnard).
Water: ماء (má').
Flash: وَميض (wamíđ).
Strobe: وَمّاض (wammáđ) I coined this term for my blog as I didn't find a good equivalent in thesaurus and dictionaries
Camera: كاميرا (kámirá) or كاميرة (kámirah) Originally there is a term for "Camera" in Arabic, which is آلة تصوير (álatu tacwír), meaning Photographing Machine, but the term is long so I preferred using كاميرا for my blog instead.
Shutter: غالق (ğáliq).
Aperture: بؤرة (bu'rah).
Focal Length: بُعْد بُؤري (bu3d bu'rí).
Lens: عَدَسَة (3adasah).


Well, hope this was helpful. If you think this is way too complicated, please don't get stuck here and keep on going. It was just an idea that I've been thinking about and I thought maybe some people here would appreciate it. I hope the words list here is beneficial to you too though. This is what I could think of right now in relation to this specific blog post. See you later!

October 17, 2019



Hi, I am back. Sorry that I got lost. Your idea is great but the level is far too high. ;-) With texts in level A1 or A2 and some translated words this would be very effective. Actually I already tried it with a children story and I got stuck with the jiggsaw puzzle of translating some words because of the missing diacritics and after that I discovered that I have learned nothing. If you have no idea about grammar and you miss the diacritics you can not translate many words in the right contexts. And to translate whole sentences with Google does not really help learning a language. For Arabic we also have to learn to recognize the 2 to 3 words written as one word. Fazit: Very good idea but the level is far to high for very beginners.


Btw, I like your pics with the red water drop and the single dice. Well done.

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Thanks. By the way, did you try almaany.com to translate the words?


At that time I have used another Arabic dictionary which is also very good. It shows suggestions while starting to type a word and it shows diacritics. And there I saw the trouble when not having the vowel signs. Sometimes I got two to three different meanings where I should have know about the grammar topics. And after spending hours for trying it and learning nearly nothing I have decided better start with easier things which build a good basic in the language first.

But you are right, Almaany is as same good as the other dictionary. Indeed I like both and now I use both.

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